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Streatfield Dental Surgery

206 Streatfield Road, Middlesex, Harrow HA3 9BU

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Fee Guide (All from prices)




Many patients simply compare prices from one surgery to another even though they are not comparing the same item. If you ask how much does a veneer, a crown, braces, or an implant cost, this would depend on many factors such as


  1. The materials used, as well as the quality of the technician's work
  2. The final result
  3. The skill and training of the dentist
  4. The time spent


Even if a crown looks nice, it may not be such a good fit or design, and therefore may not last as long or could result in other problems.


We will not be the cheapest clinic nor will we be the most expensive, but we do believe that we can offer very good value for the quality of treatment and level of service provided.


View our table below for a list of our fees. Please note that this price list is for guide only and actual treatment costs may vary depending upon individual circumstance.



Independent Fee
 Emergency Appointment
 Dental Health Check-up
Each £10
 Hygiene Appointment : Extensive
 Hygiene Appointment : Routine
 Periodontal Treatment with Dental Therapist
From £109
 Periodontal Consultation
 Implant consultation
 Endodontic Consultation
 Amalagm Fillings
From £50 to £100
 Tooth Matched/Composite Fillings
From £99 to £220
 Gold Crown/Onlay
From £500
 Ceramic Crown EMAX
From £599
 Ceramic Posterior Crown
From £649
 Porcelain/Metal Crown
From £499
From £599
 Full Denture Acrylic
From £850
 Cobalt chrome Denture
From £995
 Flexible Denture
From £850
 Partial Denture
From £750
Offer £249
Offer £199
 In Surgery & Home
Offer £349
From £1700
 Implant Crown
From £500
 Inman Aligner
From £1100
 Clear Aligners
From £1100
 Mouthguard Soft
 Mouthguard Hard (Michigan Splint)
Root Canal Treatment
 All prices include core (GIC/Amalgam)
 If composite core requested prices from + £100
 Additional charges for access through crown £50
 Removal of crown and temporary crown provision £100


 Incisor / Canine
 Re-Rct - Incisor/Canine
 Re-Rct - Premolar
 Re-Rct - Molar
£600 to £650
Specialist Gum Treatment
 Periodontal Treatment per Quadrant
From £350
 Crown Lengthening







Here at Streatfield Dental Surgery we are proud to regularly receive letters and cards thanking us for our patience, efforts and hard work. Please Click Here to gain an understanding of the service we provide and the comments from anonymous surveys carried out which highlight what patients really think of the team and facilities at Streatfield Dental Surgery




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