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Private Dentists in Harrow

Streatfield Dental is a friendly, family-run dental practice in Harrow, offering private dentistry to the community. This information page can help you learn about our private services and how these differ from NHS dentistry. Call 0208 204 9485

What is Private Dental Treatment?

Private dentists in HarrowIn the UK, private dental care is dentistry that is not managed by the NHS. Most dental practices take on a mixture of NHS patients and private patients. With private dental care, you can choose from a wide range of treatments that aren’t available through the NHS. Private treatment also allows you to create a personal dental plan which suits your need.

Even as an NHS patient, you can opt to pay for private treatments, such as whitening or veneers. Speak to one of our dentists or hygienists for more information.

Special Offer Half Price Private Dental Examination

Book a private dental examination now for £40 instead of £80. Including 2 Radiographs (X-rays).

Use our online booking system here, Call today on: 0208 204 9485, or email us at: info@streatfielddental.co.uk and make an appointment at Streatfield Dental.

What are the benefits of using private dentists?

Private dentists are able to offer a wider availability of appointments. You usually won’t have to wait long to be seen by a dentist or hygienist as a private patient. We offer evening and Saturday appointments, providing more flexibility to fit around your life. 

It’s easy to choose a convenient appointment with our online booking system. Here you can view and select the available appointments of each dentist and hygienist at our practice.

Becoming a private patient also offers you more choices for treatment. NHS funding covers treatments that are necessary for good oral health, but anything elective or cosmetic is not covered. However, private patients can access cosmetic treatments such as high-quality dental implants, adult teeth straightening, whitening, tooth matched fillings and composite bonding.

The flexibility of private dentistry extends to payment as well. There are many ways to pay for your treatment, including interest-free finance plans. (T&C Apply)

What’s the difference between private dental care and the NHS?

While the NHS has many wonderful qualities, providing care for everyone means there are budget restrictions which can affect the patient journey, hence we as a practice are unable to accept any further NHS patients. Because you’re paying for the resources, the care you receive at a private practice is more bespoke.

  • Flexibility with appointment times
  • More choices of treatment options
  • Direct Access to field experts including cosmetic treatment, dental implants, and root canal treatments 
  • No waiting lists for agreed treatments 

Is Private Dentistry the Same as Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry describes just some of the dental care available at a private practice. Cosmetic dentistry is performed for visual purposes rather than because of a physical medical need, such as teeth whitening or straightening. 

The NHS does not cover cosmetic procedures, but private dentistry can apply to all treatments. Private practices offer a full range of treatment options, including check-ups, hygiene appointments, implants, cosmetic orthodontics and teeth whitening.

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